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The Pillow Rest Classic Airbed and built-in pump is perfect for house guests, dorm rooms, and even on a camping trip! Its light, convenient, and for those who need a pillow but lack the space to carry one, this luxurious flocked bed is the answer. The waterproof and stain resistant surface makes it easy to keep clean while providing the soft comfort of home.

Intex Pillow Rest Classic King Inflatable Air Mattress 66778 Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Intex
  • Can Contain 2 PERSON
  • Model: Pillow Rest Classic Air Mattress
  • Black Colour
  • Elevated Pillow Rest
  • King Size Air Bed:Standard 6X6 FEET Size Bed
  • Built-In Pillow: Airbed includes a built-in pillow that provides bed like comfort
  • Pump Inflates and Deflates Air Bed: This two-way air bed pump makes inflating or deflating this air mattress a breeze. To set up the airbed simply turn the knob to inflate, switch the pump on and wait until its to your desired firmness. Then when its time to put your bed away simply turn the knob to deflate, switch the pump on and let the pump suck out all of the air for you. This two-way air bed pump makes rolling up your air bed for storage much easier
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