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The Better Strainer is the compact expandable strainer which can adjust to fit any size pot, pan, skillet, or bowl. Now you can strain all kinds of pastas, vegetables, or even ground meat easily. All you have to do is just fit it on, snap it back, and drain. The Flex Fit design lets it grab on and lock on tightly. This gives a safe and secure pour every time you use the Better Strainer. When you are done straining you can easily snap it right off. The Better Strainer works great whether it is straining pasta, grease from meats, or draining juice from fruits and veggies. It features a non-stick surface which won’t tear delicate food such as ravioli. So get rid of those bulky colanders which takes up precious cabinet space and replace them with the small and compact Better Strainer. It takes up less size than an oven mitt.

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