Alarm Padlock Anti-Theft Security Lock Set With Batteries

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Heavy duty alarm activated padlock Movement and shock sensitive can be used with or without the alarm function Comes with three keys, Comes with batteries already inside, ready to use.
Also comes with additional replacement batteries Ideal for securing sheds, shops, garages, motorbikes, bicycles, trailers, tool boxes, gates and much more approximate size: 65mm

• 110db twin tone siren alarmed
• Alarm sounds for 10 seconds
• Alarm is activated if lock is moved, touched or knocked by detecting vibrations
• Automatic reset after 35 seconds
• Heavy duty padlock
• Waterproof
• Can be used alarmed or unalarmed

There is a deep groove on the inside edge on one side of the shackle. When fitted with the groove on the key port side of the lock the alarm is active. If the shackle is fitted the other way round the alarm system is inactive. The alarm will sound for ten seconds if activated and will reset after thirty five seconds without a trigger

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Weight 1 kg